Introducing customers to suppliers is often the first — not the last — service we provide.

We pride ourselves in creating relationships that last for many years, providing ongoing support and solutions for the unique needs of our customers.

For some, we make introductions to appropriate suppliers. Many customers also rely on our deep industry connections and experience to help navigate the entire process from product sourcing through multi-year procurement relationships.

Regardless of the scope of involvement, NFP's participation is completely transparent and you are always free to work directly with our principals.

Part of what makes NFP valuable to our customers is our focus on solutions before sales.

We recognize that our customers' success requires ongoing repeat business with top-of-class suppliers. By anticipating both long and short term customer needs, we have built successful relationships on both sides of the sale.

We have represented many of our principals for more than 20 years, and some, since their inception. The trust and respect we've earned over these many years enable us to gently guide our principals to better serve customers.

In these partnership roles, NFP is able to sow the seeds of future growth by anticipating trends, technological changes and market adjustments.

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